Northern Land Solutions head office is located in Swan Hill, with a satellite site in Bendigo. Our staff is committed, and our comprehensive range of services is based on a combination of tertiary training, technological innovation, practical experience with a range of projects, the benefit of local knowledge and ongoing professional development.

We are driven to succeed, and our advice is sourced from high quality information and expert understanding across the many aspects of the land development and construction industries.

Northern Land Solutions offers the following services and expertise to individuals, small companies, major corporations, government authorities, planners, solicitors, real estate agents, engineers, construction contractors and land developers:

  • Licensed and Registered Surveyors in Victoria and NSW
  • Cadastral surveying: land subdivision, easements, applications surveys & title re-establishment
  • Topographic, feature and engineering surveying
  • Town planning submissions and planning permit applications
  • Land development consultancy and advice
  • Civil construction and building set-out surveys
  • Mapping solutions for Councils, government authorities, agriculture and horticulture development

Our positive, professional and modern approach allows us to work seamlessly with all servicing professions involved in the land development industry to ensure positive project outcomes, including:

  • Engineers
  • Planners
  • Councils & servicing authorities
  • Architects and building designers
  • Real estate agents
  • Government departments

Northern Land Solution staff are appropriately qualified to meet our clients land surveying requirements. By result of our commitment to professional development, NLS have Licensed Surveyors in Victorian and Registered Surveyors in NSW to perform Cadastral Surveys under the relevant sections of legislation.

By utilitising advanced technologies such as GPS, in combination with proven survey techniques and the latest in computer software, NLS provides a prompt, reliable and professional service in an accurate and cost effective manner. Staff at NLS have extensive training and experience with the use of AutoCAD Software, Civil CAD, ArcView GIS and Microstation, enabling accurate computer drawn plans to be produced as either hard copy or in electronic format. These technologies, combined with the most sophisticated survey equipment available including GPS, allows seamless transition when liaising with fellow land development professionals.

Our work is diverse. The experience we have gained by collaborating on a breadth of projects, and in conjunction with several reputable companies and government bodies including Comdain, Contract Control and GMW, has provided NLS with a vast variety of knowledge and understanding of the construction and environmental industries, in addition to private works. We pride ourselves on our collaborative approach and involvement in wide-ranging projects.

Quality Management

NLS has developed its professional skills base directed towards land surveying, town planning services and land development consultation. NLS is committed to providing professional services that meet individual client needs in an accurate, efficient and economical manner.

To achieve these aims, NLS has employed an internal quality management system involving comprehensive checks throughout initial survey and subsequent computations and plan preparations. This process is documented and held on file, as necessary, by regulatory requirements.

Our quality management system will continue to evolve and develop in line with continuous technology advancements, client expectations and industry direction.