Subdivisions (Residential, Commercial and Industrial)

From a basic 2 lot subdivision to multi-stage residential estate, NLS have the experience and expertise to manage your subdivision from concept to completion. NLS are able to work seamlessly with other land development consultants, such as engineers, architects and planners, to ensure a successful land development outcome.

Subdivisions (Rural)

Boundary re-alignment, subdivision of existing titles and house lot excisions. Using the most up-to-date equipment, NLS are able to provide an efficient service for your rural subdivision requirements.

Unit Development Subdivisions

Common property, boundaries defined by buildings, multi-level strata developments.

Title Boundary Re-establishment

NLS have the appropriate equipment and experience to accurately determine the position of your boundary relative to fencing and other boundary features. Boundaries are determined and marked on the ground for fencing, pre-purchase, due diligence or boundary dispute purposes.

Land Registry Application Surveys (VIC and NSW)

Adverse Possession, erroneous title dimensions, alienation of Crown Land, conversion of General Law land, closure and/or variation of roads.

Easement creation, removal and variation

Preparation of plans & documentation for the creation, removal and/or variation of easements.

Lease surveys and plan documentation

Lease survey and plans required by the agricultural, mining and commercial industries including Gross Lettable Areas (GLA’s) and Net Lettable Areas (NLA’s).