Feature and Level Surveys

Collation and definition of physical features of a site required to prepare a Feature Survey Plan including contours. Plans suitable for use of Engineers, Architects & Landscape Architects to prepare their design.

Site Context and Analysis Surveys

Identifies and locates services required by architects & building designers, including buildings, eaves, windows, ridge, streetscape, adjoining properties, trees, contours and other significant features. Compiled plans are also used for site assessments in town planning applications.

Flood Level Surveys

Generation of height and contour surveys to determine the effect of historical flood events over land subject to inundation (LSIO) with new development proposals.

Building & Civil Set-out surveys

Accurate set out of building corners and/or grid lines for civil, commercial or industrial constructions.

Earthworks and Volume Surveys

Required by various industries including civil, mining & earth moving contractors.

Levee Surveys

Route Selection Surveys